12+ years of success

Progress and precision with Alix Lasers ®

We stand for innovative laser and light systems whose software is developed in our Swiss location and for more than 12 years the product quality has been measured based on the current state of research and continuously developed through customer experience. This allows us to achieve optimal results in all treatments with our fully automatic software.

Our products are based on the ravages of time and the highest technology, which means we can offer our customers new and effective treatment options in the medical cosmetic sector and our customers benefit from safe and clinically tested technologies and treatments.

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0% financing

We will create a payment plan tailored to your needs, with great conditions and rates

Free media package

Enjoy our free media package with your own website, social media Instagram and 5000 flyers

Training in your studio

Of course, you will receive professional and extensive training on your device, of course in your studio

10 year guarantee

Our Alix Lasers come with a 10-year guarantee, with the exception of wearing parts whose wear and tear is limited

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