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We at Alix Lasers® represent the pinnacle of innovative laser and light systems. Our software, developed in our Swiss facility, is based on over a decade of experience, research and valuable customer feedback. The result? Fully automated software for optimal treatment results.

Our products are not only technologically state-of-the-art, but also offer powerful treatment options in the medical and cosmetic sector. Your customers benefit from safe and clinically proven technologies.

If you choose Alix Lasers® for your cosmetic or medical laser needs, you will benefit from our many years of experience and expertise as well as our exceptional customer service.

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Founding of OT Vision GmbH


OT Vision GmbH was founded in 2010 with the guiding principle “Success deserves quality”. Our goal was to provide beauty salons with high quality cosmetic equipment to achieve great results for their customers.

With this motto, we began selling hair removal lasers and other first-class devices directly in Switzerland and Italy. This direct approach allowed us to build a close relationship with our customers and better understand their needs.

This enabled us to make an important contribution to the further development and improvement of the cosmetics industry.

1st exhibition in Zurich


In 2015, we as OT Vision GmbH opened our first exhibition and initiated the production of a new 3-wavelength laser. These steps were milestones for our company , as they allowed us to introduce our product range to a wider audience and directly demonstrate the benefits of our innovative technology. With the new 3-wavelength laser , we underlined our commitment to continuous development and quality in the cosmetics industry.

This initiative expanded the applications and treatments available to beauty salons and aesthetic practices and solidified our position as a leading provider of high-quality cosmetic equipment .

Expansion of exhibitions


In 2018, we as OT Vision GmbH significantly expanded our exhibition presence. New exhibition rooms were opened in Volketswil, Berlin I, Berlin II, Fort Lauderdale (USA) and Vienna.

This expansion represented a significant step for our company, allowing us to make our products and technologies available to a broader audience and expand our company's reach globally . These exhibitions enabled us to better support our customers by offering them the opportunity to experience our products in person and receive personalized advice .

This expansion underscores our continued commitment to growth and excellence in the beauty industry.

Protection of the Alix Lasers ® brand


In 2023, our brand “ Alix Lasers® ” and all of our advanced technologies and ideas gained legal protection . We have done this to ensure that our customers can always enjoy the originality and quality of our products.

Despite some challenges with product copying in the past, the Berlin Higher Regional Court took action to stop the copy studio, representing a significant victory for the protection of our brand . We remain vigilant and will take all necessary steps to ensure that "Alix Lasers®" remains protected as a symbol of innovation and quality.

Our top priority is to maintain our customers' trust and satisfaction by always providing them with genuine products of the highest quality.

8 wavelength laser


Starting February 15, 2024, we will introduce the world's first 8-wavelength laser with no fewer than 13 different treatment options . This innovative technology is combined in a slim and space-saving device that enables a wide range of applications and treatments in the cosmetic industry.

This groundbreaking development promises to redefine the standards in the aesthetics industry and open up new opportunities for beauty salons and aesthetic practices.

We look forward to introducing this groundbreaking innovation and redefining the boundaries of what is possible with laser treatments .