Alix Lasers in Berlin

Alix Lasers GmbH
Boxwood Way 53
12357 Berlin
Phone: 030 57712745

Your success requires quality

Join a growing community of beauty salons that have taken their offering to the next level with proven Alix Lasers® technology.

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Unwavering commitment to superior quality

Alix Lasers® is not just about lasers; it's about a promise - a promise of unsurpassed quality. Every aspect, from the embryonic design stages to the polished final product, is meticulously crafted with precision and care. Our laser solutions are not just tools; they are a fusion of safety, effectiveness and reliability. The certificates we are proud of and the rigorous quality standards we are committed to are not just badges; they reflect our unwavering commitment. For beauty salons looking for the best, we don't just offer equipment; We deliver on our promise of excellence and ensure that every Alix Lasers® product stands as a benchmark in the industry.

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